30 November 2018

The Scum of the Earth

Berlin is a great city to live in. Although there are parts that I just cannot find myself liking. One of these parts is the area in and around Warschauer Strasse, especially underneath the bridge, the Warschauer Brücke. And it doesn't help that this area is actually part of my office commute.

See, the easiest way for me to get from the station to where I work is by going down the staircases and passing through the street underneath the bridge. However, this bridge is also a nest of the undesirable people, the so-called scum of the earth. The homeless prop up their tents, and as much as you would want to feel pity to the homeless, these groups just don't fit the typical homeless stereotype. Rather, they fit more the stereotype of drug addict, junkie, those people who are sometimes hanging out at the train stations, and those you just want to avoid.

When I pass by there, it smells really bad that sometimes I even retch and feel nauseous. Sometimes, it gets so bad that I just do a detour, by going down Warschauer Strasse and doing a loop further south, instead of going under the bridge. It adds a few more minutes, and a sense of safety and cleanliness.

In any case, there is a new mall that is opening soon. And because of this mall, the area is being cleaned, and so the junkies are now not there anymore! I am so glad. The construction of the mall involves adding a new staircase to Warschauer Brücke so that people can access the building above or under it. And because of the developing construction, somehow the junkies have moved away.

I am not really a mall person, but if the construction of a mall makes the general area cleaner, then I would definitely like that.


  1. Gutter punks? There are many of them in France too. I respect them as human beings but I find hard to have sympathy for people whose only goal in life is ask for change and get drunk :-/ Very different from "typical" homeless too.

    1. Zhu,

      Yeah, I know what you mean. When you see what items they buy with the change they get, then you immediately think why you would want to support such an endeavour.