24 December 2018

Repetitive Radio

I was travelling with a car for a significant amount of time recently: I was on a week-long road trip, and so I spent some time listening to the radio. This isn't something I typically do, since I have unlimited access to Spotify, and therefore I listen to music that I like. But since I was in a car, I opted to listen to the radio. And soon enough, I found out that I don't really know the recent music that is coming out of the airwaves nowadays.

And it also turns out that radios play the same thing over and over again. I think I have listened to just four or five songs for the whole week, but multiple times. I would browse the frequencies and land on a station, playing something. And then when I get sick of this station, I browse again and land on a different station, only to realise that they would play the same song, but later.

There's not a lot of variety in the radio stations. Perhaps that's the reason why I eventually found myself getting an unlimited Spotify account. That way, I could listen to music that I really liked, and not repetitive tunes that come and go.

I listened to the radio for a week, but really, that was only to break the monotony of being in a car with nothing to talk about. If I had Spotify there and then I probably would have listened to it a long time ago.

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