06 February 2019

Ethiopian Cuisine is Comfort Food

I don't know why, but every now and then when I just need to chill and relax and need food, then I find myself in an Ethiopian restaurant. There are a few here in Berlin, and I definitely have one favourite. So sometimes when things are stressing me out, or when I need a late lunch because I have been running so many errands, or when I just want some comfort food, then I go get some Ethiopian food.

I guess there's something comforting with eating with your hands, or rather, with your right hand. You know, crouching in front of this traditional woven table, with kitfo or gored gored spread in front of you, and you pick it up by tearing slowly at your injera. That's definitely satisfying.

It's not the most elegant thing to eat, and definitely you shouldn't bring a date here, since there aren't any utensils, so this definitely can be slightly messy. And yes they provide wet towels for your fingers when you're done, but nevertheless it is not a spoon-and-fork affair.

Anyway, if you haven't had Ethiopian cuisine before, it's time to try it. It definitely is one of the more original cuisines I have encountered, and something that I crave every now and then.

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