02 March 2019

Things I Love in Berlin: Künefe and Turkish Coffee

Berlin has a large Turkish community. And because of that, there's very good Turkish food that is available. So whenever I want to satisfy my sweet tooth, I go to this Turkish baklava shop and cafe that is on the same metro line as the one close to home, and after 5 stops and less than a minute walk, I am sitting in a stool waiting for my Turkish coffee and warm künefe topped with crushed pistachios.

Künefe is amazing: it's this hairy sweet dessert, served on a metal plate. It is served warm, so the cheese melts and forms into strings. It is a calorie bomb, with cheese sandwiched between two layers of tel kadayıf. It is heated on a plate, and topped with pistachios and cream, as well as sweet syrup. The sweetness of the dessert is well-balanced by the bitter Turkish coffee.

I am really glad that Berlin is such an international city. It's these little multicultural pleasures that make living here in Berlin exciting. I am almost 7 years here, yet I still feel like there's plenty of things I still need to try out before I can even think of leaving.

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