26 July 2019

The Belgian Long Weekend: Autoworld

One of the last things I saw in Brussels before heading back to Berlin was the Autoworld. This is a car museum located in Cinquantenaire Park, exhibiting more than 250 vintage automobiles. Some of the items were owned by the Belgian royal family. In any case, if you're interested in the development of the automobile industry, then this museum is for you. Pick up an audioguide and you'll get plenty of information that way.

I opted to explore the area based on the chronological presentation of the exhibits. Hence, I started back when the car was just a vehicle that looked like it can be pulled by a horse, except there's an engine on it. From there, I progressed on to the Ford Model T, to when cars looked very round, and large, and all the way to the time when they are sleek and streamlined for fast performance.

There's plenty of things to see here, including how automobiles changed the lives of the people using them. Like when public transportation became a thing, with buses plying routes up and down the city, or when ambulances became a staple in a city's environment. In any case, check my photos below, and if this is something you think you're interested in, then when you're in Brussels the next time, make sure to pay this place a visit.

After visiting this museum, it was time for me to head back home. Yes, I paid a visit to a couple of other sights, but since photography wasn't allowed, I'll skip talking about them here. I'll wrap up my Belgian series for now, and perhaps I won't visit Belgium again for a while. I feel like I have had plenty of coverage in the city already. It is after all my fifth visit to the country. But who knows. In the meantime, stay tuned for a new episode somewhere else.

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