09 August 2019

When Your Best Years are Behind You

Recently I met up with a friend, who let's say, has a more challenging life than mine. We are more or less the same age, yet given the problems that life has thrown at him, he has a harder set of issues that he needs to deal with. There was something he said when we met, namely, that he felt that his best years are already behind him. And he's not even 40.

I suppose that's what happens when you have a chronic disease that causes a major organ to malfunction. And so what happens is that you keep on exerting your effort on battling this condition, and you have no energy left to pursue your hopes and dreams. Life, in this case, is definitely unfair.

As a bystander, I couldn't do anything much except to listen. Later on, I was thinking about what he said about the best years being behind him already, and this is something I cannot agree with, at least not yet. I still have the drive, I have the motivation to go on forward, and see what tomorrow brings. I changed careers, I even made good progress on this new gig I am doing, and I want to do more. Let's just hope that life doesn't throw a curve ball at me sometime soon.

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