28 September 2019

My Fourth Visit to Spain: Girona

On my second day, I opted to do a day trip. Taking a day trip outside of Barcelona seems to be my emerging norm. During my first visit, I headed to Figueres. Then it was Tarragona for my second visit. This time I am heading to Girona. So I got out of my guesthouse early, headed to Barcelona Sants Station, and bought a ticket to get to Girona.

It was a cloudy and sometimes rainy day. Nevertheless there were quite a few people in town, because of a flower festival that was on-going. It seems that all the historical sights in the Old Town were decorated with flowers, which also meant that they were all open free of charge. I have visited several of these locations, and photos of those will follow soon.

For now I am showing you just a small sample of what Girona looked like. There's this little bridge that separates the Historic District from the rest of the town, and it looked quite pretty. The streets in the historical area were narrow and paved with cobblestones, and there was definitely an old feel to it. It was a pity that there were plenty of people when I visited, so it was hard to capture the ambience of the place. In any case, I spent a few hours in town, which I definitely enjoyed.


  1. Lovely reflection in the water. Looks picturesque.

    1. Zhu,

      I tried to take a picture without the people in it. It looks more picturesque that way, I think, though I do know you like taking people pictures. :)