09 December 2019

My Fourth Visit to Spain: Museo de Cádiz

During my brief stay in Cádiz, I explored the Old Town, which is basically a tiny sliver of land jutting out to the sea. There's plenty of interesting things to check out in this small space, which is surrounded by water on numerous sides.

There is a pretty seaside stroll one can do, where one can also admire the Cádiz skyline. In the pictures above, the yellow dome you see is from the cathedral, which I visited and talked about in a previous post.

Cádiz is actually a very historical city, dating back from the Phoenicians in 1100 BC. The name they say originates from Gadir or Agadir, which means "wall". The Museo de Cádiz is perhaps the perfect place to check out the historical aspect of the city, as there are plenty of artefacts that are coming from this era that are displayed in this institution.

As you can see, there's plenty of archaeological exhibits, and the most famous of them perhaps are the two Phoenician anthropoid sarcophagi, dating from 400 BC, and is thought to have been imported to the area from Sidon. The Phoenician influence makes Cádiz the oldest city in western Europe that is continuously inhabited, as they say.

Aside from the archaeological artefacts, there are also exhibits about contemporary art from the area, such as the ones you can see in the pictures above. I thought that they were mildly interesting.

After my visit, I headed back to my hotel, picked up my bag, and went to the train station. This time, I am headed to Seville, my next stop.

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