02 March 2020

Peru, 11 Years Later: Sipan (Huaca Rajada)

After spending a short time in Piura, I moved on, taking a bus to Chiclayo. I headed south, and after three hours in a bus, I arrived to a city that was pleasant, walkable, and quite enjoyable. Again, I felt like I was the only tourist in town. I used Chiclayo as a base to check out a few archaeological sites. The first one I visited was the Huaca Rajada, or Sipan.

Sipan is an archaeological site dating back from the Moche period. Right now, it looks like it's just a small pile of dirt, or a tiny hill. But actually, there's a pyramid underneath, and there are also graves featuring mummies and jewellery. In fact, this place was discovered by grave robbers, who used it as a source of income when they were selling valuable artefacts on the black market.

I took a small microbus to go from Chiclayo to Sipan. The ride took me to a rural part of the country, and right in the middle of nowhere is this heap of dirt, which is actually a pyramid, and an actual excavation site. There are several tombs to be found here.

The site is most famous for it being the location of the tomb for the Royal Lord of Sipan, which is a very elaborate tomb. There is a very important person in the middle, who died. And together with this person, there are also the remains of several assistants, animals, and other tools, which seemed to have been buried together with the lord, to assist him on his path to the otherworld.

There is a museum nearby, which explains what Moche culture is all about, located in Lambayeque. It provides the background regarding this Moche ruler and the 8 other individuals who were sacrificed during his burial. If you're interested in archaeology then this is a suggested place for you.

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