03 May 2020

El amor en los tiempos del corona: More Netflix

Yes, I admit it, I have been watching more Netflix lately. It's one of those things that you can easily do while staying at home.

See, it used to be the case that I didn't watch Netflix often. We do have a streaming account for the longest time, yet I haven't been a diligent user. I preferred reading books over watching television. But now that we're on lockdown, watching can also be an activity one can do.

Yes, I still read. I have been reading quite a few books actually, even supporting my independent bookstores during this time. Still, variation is great, so sometimes instead of plopping down the couch to read my book, I do watch Netflix. And the nice thing about this is that there's quite a few interesting selections.

I used to have this feeling that Netflix didn't have the variety that it now has. But somehow things seem to have changed. There's plenty of interesting titles to see now, and yes, we have quite a few items bookmarked. I like the fact that there are shows from various countries: for example, I have a few Japanese shows I have been watching, without the subtitles, just so that I can keep my knowledge of Japanese slightly active. I don't want to lose a language, after all.

In any case I still like reading, and I love the fact that I knock off several books every year out of my reading list. But I have to admit, watching television can also be a soothing and entertaining activity.

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