19 May 2020

El amor en los tiempos del corona: Supporting Restaurants and Bakeries

Because of quarantine measures, plenty of restaurants have either closed (temporarily or permanently), or shifted to takeaway and/or delivery services. Plenty of establishments are taking a hit. So when there's a need to have a break from home cooking, we patronise these local establishments. And one day, because of a need to have a little celebration at home, we opted for some home delivery.

There is this one restaurant that we particularly liked, and during the crisis, they shifted to a home delivery service. But it isn't simple takeout, where you can directly eat from the box whatever it was you ordered. Rather, they had limited their selection to 5 main dishes, where they deliver half-cooked items, vacuum packed, and the package comes with instructions on how to finish the cooking at your home. So it's a little bit more interactive, and you can enjoy gourmet meals that are warm, and partly self-made.

We ordered three main dishes, and I had the idea of doing a tasting menu. So we cooked them one at a time, and even though it did result in lots of dirty dishes, it was definitely delicious.

We also wanted a cake. So I contacted an ex-colleague who now has a cake business. She has a catalogue of cakes she regularly makes, so I picked one, and had it delivered at home. That worked perfectly.

I sure hope that this crisis wraps up soon, but in the meantime, humans are getting creative with means to survive. Life goes on, as they say.

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