21 May 2020

London, Take 2: Science Museum

After visiting Shakespeare's Globe, we had lunch, and then headed to the Science Museum. This is a massive museum, and while it is one of the most visited museums in the city, admission is actually free. Of course, there are some ticketed attractions within the museum, such as virtual space flights, but we felt that there were enough things to see inside that we didn't opt to do that.

The ground floor has perhaps some of the most massive machines that one can see within a building. There were very large wheels that would spin turbines and other implements. If you were a kid, you would probably have your eyes wide open and wonder at these human implements. One can definitely see how the Industrial Revolution began in this country.

Another area that I really liked was the section of the museum that was devoted to flight. There were plenty of exhibits of ancient aeroplanes, as well as jet engines. It was definitely interesting to see how these machines can make very big objects fly and transport us across continents.

This museum has plenty of things to check out, and one other area where I lost myself was the historical exhibits of clocks and other tools. Astronomers definitely had plenty of tools that they were working with across the years.

There was one section of the museum about communication. I found it fascinating to see the different weights that different countries used, before it was all standardised. I even saw old mobile phones, as well as radios and television. This place definitely has something informative for everyone, and we found ourselves staying here for a few hours.

This ends my series of travelogues for London. Stay tuned, there's a new series coming up.

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