11 May 2020

El amor en los tiempos del corona: Getting a Haircut, Part 2

Thursday, May 07: After 6 weeks of being shut down, hair stylists were allowed to open again. It happened that my last haircut was on the last day they were allowed to open back in March. So after almost seven weeks, I needed another one. Since salons are open again, I called my stylist to arrange an appointment. This time, getting a haircut was slightly different.

There were several measures that were in place. First of all, masks were required, both for customers and for the stylists. Salons cannot offer beverages, so the usual coffee I get from my stylist wasn't offered this time. Obviously, no handshakes, no hugs, no facial treatments, no eyebrow shavings, no beard trims.

There's a plexiglass divider on his cashier till. Before he uses his tools, he disinfects them with a spray disinfectant. Before a new customer sits on the barber stool, the entire seat is disinfected. I must say, everything looks very clean.

I had my typical haircut, which was standard. It was not so hard getting a haircut while wearing a mask, though there is some maneuvering to do around the ears. In any case, after half an hour, I got my hair back to something more presentable again.

Hopefully, things improve moving forward. But I can imagine this new normal will take a while before it goes away.

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