27 May 2020

El amor en los tiempos del corona: Venturing Out

A couple of weekends ago, I decided to venture out slowly. Anti-coronavirus measures have slowly been relaxed, and so I decided to take the opportunity to venture out of Berlin for a short time. It felt good, I must say.

I didn't go far. I just went to Brandenburg to get out and see nature. I took public transportation for the first time after about two months. I took the metro and the train, and yes, I had a mask on. But nevertheless, it was a good feeling to be out, and see the fields rushing past by, as I gazed outside the window.

This pandemic definitely makes you appreciate the things that you have been taking for granted. Personal freedoms like freedom of movement, the idea that you could simply take a vehicle and go somewhere if you felt like it, these possibilities have been taken away, in the name of health. And perhaps it is a good sign, when these freedoms are slowly coming back.

I've discovered my neighbourhood quite a bit in the recent times, as we have been taking walks only within our neighbourhood. But slowly, I am venturing further away, little by little.

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