07 May 2020

Exercising my Right to be Forgotten Part 5: Closing my Couchsurfing Account

I used to be a member of Couchsurfing. In fact, I used it to travel in several places in Europe during the first few years since arriving in Berlin. I also used it to discover Berlin when I was a newbie, hosting travellers in my flat, and joining them in exploring the city. But then, life changes at some point, and you realise that it is time to move on.

Hence at some point, I deactivated my account and forgot about it. But recently I have been getting requests from people to connect. So I figured to cut the connections once and for all, I opted to exercise my right to erasure once again. By now, I have done this exercise several times already I already know what to expect.

I contacted their customer support via email, which was also CC'ed to their Privacy Officer. The response took a week, when they told me that it seemed that they had two email addresses of mine on file. I provided them both, as well as a verification of some personal details like my date of birth, to make sure that I am indeed the person who I claim to be, and since that both went through, after another week, I received a notification saying that all data has been deleted.

It was fun while it lasted, and I must say I did enjoy the times when I was an active member. However, my priorities have also changed, and perhaps it is also part of ageing. I am not quite open to letting strangers into my turf that easy anymore, and I also like to have my private space when I am travelling on my own. Come to think of it, it has been a while since I have used hostels. So yeah, it's time to move on, and part of it is closing my account.

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