28 June 2020

El amor en los tiempos del corona: Going to the Dentist

Tuesday, June 16: Life goes on. And the time for my semi-annual dental prophylaxis appointment came. I go to the dentist once during the summer and another during the winter. So of course, I was wondering what would happen since we're in a pandemic.

Dentistry, as we know, is a contact profession. If you're a dentist, you have to interact with people. You can't simply go on home office. So I was wondering how my appointment would go.

I got there a good fifteen minutes before my appointment. Masks were required to enter the premises, though they have plenty of informational material on how their hygiene measures were, and that they encourage patients to cancel their appointments in case they feel unsafe. I rang the doorbell, and I was promptly let in.

They took my insurance card, as usual. I was asked to wait in the waiting room. Newspapers and magazines disappeared, apparently, hygiene regulations don't allow them at the moment. Then after waiting for a few minutes, I was called into the examination room and was asked to take a seat at the dental chair.

They first gave me a small dose of hydrogen peroxide as mouthwash. I was told to gurgle it for thirty seconds. That was new. After that, everything proceeded normally. The dental assistant conducted my tooth cleaning, while afterwards the primary dentist examined the state of my teeth and gums. Everything looked good.

Before I left the dental chair, they asked me to show my palms, which they then sprayed disinfectant.

I then went back to the reception, settled my bill, and made an appointment for my next visit, this time in the winter. There was a plexiglass barrier on the counter.

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