08 September 2020

El amor en los tiempos del corona: The Absence of Music

If one regularly visits this blog, one might notice that I haven't been talking about musical events and endeavours lately. That is because of the pandemic, of course. I love attending musical events, like classical concerts and recitals. However, because of the pandemic, I have been refraining from these activities lately.

Yes, there was a time when all the concert halls had to close, and all musical events were cancelled. In fact, I had a couple of tickets for a couple of events I was supposed to attend back in March and April, yet because of the pandemic, those were cancelled, and my tickets were refunded.

Fast forward to a few months further. Deconfinement measures have been introduced, and while it is still not the situation we all were used to, things are slowly happening. The new season has started, and several venues have altered their operations so that social distancing can be implemented in indoor areas that are normally packed, like music halls. I have seen season tickets for sale. Even Musikfest - a music festival happening every September, which I am a fan of - is selling tickets. Yet for some reason, I am uncomfortable buying a ticket.

See, I already take risks. I don't always work from home, I work from the office a few days a week. And that means that I go and commute using public transportation. I also take domestic trips every now and then. So I am not totally in lockdown. Given my personal constraints, I can live with these risks I take every now and then. But nevertheless, I don't think I would want to add further risks by attending these musical events, pretending that everything is normal.

Oh well, I most probably won't attend any concert for the near future. Funny, this indicates that travel is a higher priority than music, at least for me. I sure hope that the situation improves soon, but in the meantime, we'll try our best to continue with our daily lives, albeit slightly modified.

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