14 October 2020

El amor en los tiempos del corona: Cancelling Vacations

I was supposed to be in northern Germany this week. But alas, Berlin became a risk area since last Thursday, as it went over the upper limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants for the last 7 days. And this makes things difficult, as travelers from risk areas typically face restrictions in other German states. While there are variations of the prohibitions across the various different states, for the most part, it basically is a hindrance of travel, such as a requirement to present a negative test from within 48 hours, or else one cannot be accommodated in hotels. So because there is this complication, I decided to cancel my trip. I am staying in Berlin instead.

I've already planned my trip to be flexible. I bought train tickets that were not non-refundable. I had hotel reservations that were fully cancellable without any penalties. And besides that, I didn't have anything concrete that was booked. So when the value went over the upper limit on Thursday, I made the decision to cancel my train tickets and my hotel reservations.

This is the second time I am cancelling a vacation due to the pandemic. The first one was back in February, when I was supposed to go to Tuscany. I changed that trip and went to Paris instead. This time, I was supposed to spend a week in northern Germany, basing myself in Rostock and Hamburg. The plan was to do daytrips from these two locations to various small towns in the surrounding areas. Alas, I suppose that's gonna have to wait.

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