26 October 2020

That Winning Feeling

One day a few weeks ago, I had a rather massively tough day at work. It's that feeling where there's plenty of things to do, and you just have done several massive topics one after another. So at the end of the day, it feels like you would want to hang your head and dunk it in a vat full of marshmallows. That sounds comforting, I guess. And you tune in to your last meeting of the day. And suddenly, there's good news - you are getting a massive salary increase!

That's what I call a winning feeling!

The interesting thing is that money is not the highest driving factor for me. Yes, it is important, yet perhaps what is more important is this feeling that one is alive. I enjoy what I do. And this year has been an interesting year. After getting promoted last year, this year I moved teams, and finally I feel like I am in the correct team, where I am supposed to belong. Finally I am surrounded by people whose work I understand. I am around people who have problems I can definitely relate to. And I am part of a team where I can definitely see I am contributing to the greater goal. This is definitely a winning feeling.

Long story short, as much as there have been plenty of negative events this year - and yes, I am aware it is not over yet - I should say there are also positive aspects this time. In any case, I am curious how this year will wrap up, and what the next year brings. The pandemic issue is definitely something I am looking forward to move away from.

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