17 November 2020

A Week in Franconia: Bayreuth's Neues Schloss

Almost every town I visited in Franconia seemed to have a palace one can visit. Bayreuth is nothing different: at the edge of the town centre there is a palace that is open to the public. So I checked it out.

The palace is called Neues Schloss, or New Palace, because it is newer compared to the Altes Schloss (built in 1455), which is located a few hundred metres away. That said, the Neues Schloss was built in 1753, and is showing its age. The interior wasn't particularly dazzling and opulent, and exuded a more aged and neglected atmosphere compared to the other palaces I have visited during this trip.

In any case, I spent an hour in this museum, checking out its various rooms. Afterward, I enjoyed the remaining time I had in Bayreuth, and the next day I took the train and headed to N├╝rnberg.

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