15 November 2020

El amor en los tiempos del corona: Cancelling Another Vacation

I have too many holiday allotments remaining for this year. And unfortunately, it is company policy that we all have to take them within the year, unlike pre-pandemic periods when we were allowed to roll them over up to the first quarter of the following year. So I actually planned to take one week off this November. Knowing however that things can change rapidly, I didn't make any fixed plans, and all the plans I had were cancellable. And yes, as with my October plans, I had to cancel these too.

I guess I am doing another staycation this week. That's the only choice given that there's a lockdown this month, and while travel is allowed in theory, travel for touristic reasons are not. I'll most likely just explore my surroundings, weather permitting. I also have a bunch of books lined up I can read. And in the meantime, I am hoping that these numbers eventually go down and the rumoured vaccine gets rolled out. I definitely cannot wait for life to be normal again.

This is the third time I am cancelling a vacation due to the pandemic. The first one was back in February, when I had changed my plans to go to Tuscany and went to Paris instead. Then last October, I stayed home instead of going to northern Germany because Berlin became a risk area and travellers from risk areas are generally unwelcome. This time, I was supposed to spend a week in southern Germany, in Baden-W├╝rttemberg, basing myself in Freiburg, Karlsruhe, and Stuttgart, and doing daytrips from those locations. Alas, I suppose that's gonna have to wait.

And yes, I still have a few vacation days remaining which I have filed for the Christmas holidays. But given the situation, I absolutely haven't planned anything. So there's nothing to cancel. I am going under the assumption that I will stay here in the city. That's probably the most likely outcome given what we have right now.

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