17 June 2018

México 2.0: Mineral del Chico

I was using Pachuca as a base, and while I was there, I went to several mountain towns, including Real del Monte and Mineral del Chico. For both towns, I needed to take a microbus from Pachuca, which then climbs up and slowly heads to places that don't really look like your typical Mexican stereotype of a town.

See, Mineral del Chico is actually nested within the El Chico National Park. Things are green, the air is fresh, and you go huffing and puffing when you climb up and down the steep small streets.

Mining has been a prominent industry in this part of the country, so you find monuments and memorials dedicated to the miners who made this town profitable in the past. Nowadays, the town relies on tourism, and during the weekends, folks from urban Mexico City flock here.

As is expected, there is a church. I checked out the interior. It was quiet, well-decorated, not too gaudy, and still functional.

I took a little walk in the neighbourhood. I saw old cars, as well as mountains. I didn't quite expect that.

In any case, I was here for a few hours. After I felt like I have explored the town enough, I went back to the microbus station and took one heading back to Pachuca.


  1. Oh yes, old cars! I remember seeing so many in Mexico... not anywhere else in the world, although apparently Cuba has many old American cars.

    1. Zhu,

      Oh yeah there's plenty of these old and dated cars in Mexico. Especially Beetles! They love their old VWs!